How we love to drink Three Ravens

 With delicious vanilla, caramel and warm caribbean spices Three Ravens is delicious with your fave mixer, in a cocktail, or on the rocks.


Lady Marmalade

50ml Three Ravens Spiced Rum

25ml Cointreau

100ml pineapple juice

dash of lime juice

dash of Blue Curacao syrup

shot of prosecco

A twist on our signature rumtini showing our support for Ukraine, alongside donations from our sales in March.  Shake all of the ingredients - except the Blue Curacao syrup and prosecco - over ice. Pour into a glass, pour a dash of the Blue Curacao syrup over a spoon so it runs to the bottom of the glass and serve with the shot of prosecco.  Totally refreshing.


Hand reaching for Three Ravens Rum Striptease cocktail

The Striptease Rumtini

50ml Three Ravens Spiced Rum

25ml Cointreau

100ml mango juice

juice from a fresh lime

dash of grenadine

shot of prosecco

Created especially to celebrate Shhh 5th birthday and launched at the W Hotel in London. Mix the Three Ravens Spiced Rum, Cointreau, mango juice and lime and shake over ice (a cocktail shaker is perfect for this).  Pour into a martini glass and add a small dash of grenadine by pouring it over the back of a spoon into the glass so it flows to the bottom (just like the sole of a Louboutin).  Serve with a shot of prosecco to be added to The Striptease just before enjoying.  This is one to get the party started for sure!


South Beach Tonic

2 parts Three Ravens Spiced Rum

½ part ginger syrup

2 parts pineapple juice

4 parts slimline tonic water


Created by Ruth - this is the Three Raven's signature cocktail.  With a background in events and hospitality Ruth knows how to entertain.  For gatherings and celebrations this cocktail recipe always wows the crowd.  Great as a welcome drink to get the party started.

Fill a glass with a generous handful of ice cubes, add the Three Ravens Spiced Rum, the ginger syrup and pineapple juice before pouring over the slimline tonic. Garnish with a slice of your favourite fruit or whatever you have to hand. Simple and delicious.



Vanilla and spice rum negroni

50ml Three Ravens Spiced Rum

50ml Campari

50ml Martini Rosso

Slice of fresh orange

Warmer and much smoother than the classic negroni - this is a twist on a classic if you like a complex drink with a perfect balance of sweet and bitter flavours.  Kirsty's absolutely favourite cocktail.  Really great with a huge chunk of ice, simply equal parts of everything - and don't miss the orange slice - it really enhances the flavours.



 Classic rum and coke

50ml Three Ravens Spiced Rum

200ml coke 

Lots of ice and optional fresh lime wedges

Ruth's go to drink. Grab your favourite long glass, plenty of ice, pour your measure of Three Ravens and top with the coke you like best.  We prefer it with lots of fresh lime wedges.


Rum with apple and ginger and lots of lime

50ml Three Ravens Spiced Rum

100ml apple juice

100ml ginger beer

fresh lime wedges

Kirsty's fave with loads of ice of course, in a long glass.  First a healthy measure of rum (50ml), then about 100ml apple juice and 100ml of ginger beer (a proper fiery one ideally - like D&G  - ginger ale doesn't have quite enough kick).  Squeeze the juice of at least half a lime, wiping the wedge around the rim before adding it to the glass for an extra citrus hit.


Three Ravens Rum Cupids Arrow cocktail

Cupids Arrow Skinny Cocktail

50ml Three Ravens Spiced Rum
50ml Kalhua
75ml skimmed milk (or vegan alternative)

Shake over ice and pour into a glass - dip the rim in red sugar crystals for an extra sweet and cute touch. Share with the one you love!


Three Ravens Spiced Rum Hot Toddington Cocktail and bottle with Christmas decorations 

Hot Toddington

200ml Three Ravens Spiced Rum
880ml cloudy apple cider (2 cans)
200ml fresh orange juice
2 cinnamon sticks
5 cloves
grating of nutmeg
small handful of raisins
Our festive take on a winter warmer cocktail, with a Danish twist.  Even more delicious than mulled wine, and lighter than buttered rum, it's the perfect start to any Christmas gathering.  Gently warm all the ingredients together in a pan for 20 minutes, do not overheat it or the alcohol will evaporate (don't fast simmer or boil).  Serve in tall glasses with lots of Christmas love.  The raisins are the Danish twist, and if you prefer can be reserved and used as deliciously infused ingredients for a rum and raisin sauce with ice cream, or in any festive baking.

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